Choosing A Look For Your Bridesmaids That Fits Your Theme

Professional Photo By: Alaa Marzouk Photography

The theme you choose for your wedding can be communicated with more than just the decorations you put out for your ceremony and reception. The formality of your event, the food and refreshments you offer, and even your approach to honoring or passing on certain traditions can help you create the celebration you really envision. Your theme is also communicated in attire – what you and your partner wear, but also what your wedding party members wear. While the dresses your bridesmaids wear will not be as formal as the wedding gown you don for your special day, they should still be a good fit for the event that you are planning. Even if they wear dresses that vary, your bridesmaids should have a clear idea of what they can do to fit in with your theme.

Your Bridesmaids Should Do More Than Match One Of Your Wedding Colors

One easy way to match your bridesmaid dresses to your event is to pick a color for them that appears in your official wedding colors. While this helps make them feel more like part of the event, you should not see this as the only thing you should do to ensure they fit into your event. They should fit the level of formality that you of your guests in your wedding invitations. In other words, a black tie wedding should see your bridesmaids wear attire that will fit in with the preference for black tie-level attire. As you look at your dress options, the shops you work with should be able to point you to selections that fit your desired style preferences.

Do I Need Everyone To Wear An Identical Gown?

While you want your bridesmaids to have a consistent look, they do not need to wear identical gowns at your event. In fact, you can find that everyone can look their best when they have a degree of freedom to make style choices that best fit them – selecting one dress for everyone can be difficult because the people in your wedding party can have different body types. Giving people guidelines for what to look for in a dress, asking that they stick with a certain designer, and having a designated color can ensure they choose gowns that fit your theme and work at the altar.

You And Your Wedding Party Members Can Enjoy Ample Dressing Space At Your Venue!

One of the amenities offered at Texas Old Town to all of our guests is access to spacious dressing areas to use in the hours leading up to your ceremony. This can make it easier for you to bring your bridesmaids together to prepare for the event on site. You can even make space for hair and makeup stylists to serve everyone in your party!

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