Common Questions Couples Have About Wedding Desserts

Professional Photo By: Christina Hastings Photography

The question of what to serve during your wedding reception is an important one. You have options when it comes to what you provide for your main course, as well as how your guests are served. When it comes to serving dessert, many couples feel committed to the traditional tiered wedding cake. However, this is not your only option, as you can provide more variety and surprises with your sweets than you might expect! As you look into what to serve, you can find yourself interested in providing more than just cake, or you can look at ways to vary the flavors of cake that you provide. Because dessert is typically served at the end of your night, it offers one final impression of your event for guests. Taking your options seriously, and taking care to provide options that feel most appropriate for your wedding, can make sure you conclude your wedding on the right note!

What Can We Offer Beyond Wedding Cake?

You are certainly not limited to one wedding cake when you want to plan your dessert options! Many people put out an assortment of pastries, cookies, or other bites that guests can enjoy. If you welcome kids at your wedding, an array of options can certainly be popular with younger guests! This can also be a good way to present alternatives to people who are less thrilled with your choice of cake flavor. One thing to remember is that you should still offer enough cake for everyone in attendance, so you should not look at this as a way of cutting back on the size of your wedding cake.

Should We Plan To Offer A Groom’s Cake?

Many couples choose to feature a groom’s cake at the dessert table. This does more than just put out a new flavor of dessert for people to enjoy. The groom’s cake is typically decorated in a way that reflects the groom’s personal taste, or a favorite pastime or hobby. Because this dessert is not obligated to “match” the rest of your decorations, you can enjoy more freedom in determining its appearance.

How Do We Make The Most Of The Cake Cutting Ceremony?

The cake cutting is an important part of the wedding reception, even if the act itself is relatively simple. One thing you will want to do is make space for your wedding photographer to take plenty of pictures, as the act of cutting and sharing cake with your partner can be a memorable moment, one worth preserving. Otherwise, you can keep this simple – the promise of dessert can be exciting enough to hold your guests’ attention!

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