Consider Alternatives To A Traditional Tuxedo For The Groom

Professional Photo By: Laura Watson Photography

Many traditional wedding elements are still in style. However, this does not mean that all, or many, of those traditions need to make an appearance on your special day. When it comes to dressing the groom for a celebration, the classic tuxedo is still popular, but many couples decide to go in a different direction. Sometimes, that means changing up the tux color to create a more fun or seasonally appropriate look. In other circumstances, it may make sense to dress down a groom to make sure they fit in with the formality of your event. Remember that the happy couple’s attire choices should complement each other, and they should work well with their wedding decorations. If the traditional tuxedo does not feel ideal for your celebration, the right alternative can provide to be just right for your wedding!

Choose A Look For Your Groom That Suits Your Wedding Theme

Choosing the theme for your wedding will dictate more than just the decorations you use to decorate your ceremony and reception venues. Your theme can influence your selection of wedding colors, the level of formality you want for your event, and even the way you plan the different moments in your reception! Your theme also helps shape the way that both the bride and groom should dress. Simply put, formal attire can feel out of place if you want to host a celebration that is more laid-back, and the traditional color scheme of a tuxedo can feel like an odd fit in a brighter, more colorful wedding.

Picking Seasonally Appropriate Attire

For an outdoor wedding especially, it is a good idea to choose attire that will be seasonally appropriate. If you plan a fall or winter wedding and anticipate colder weather, a velvet tuxedo jacket can add warmth, plus they can offer up a variety of fun colors that can catch your eye. For a spring or summer wedding, a suit made with lighter materials can be more comfortable. While the weather is far from the only factor worth considering when you select wedding attire, it can help shape your preferences in an important way.

Choosing A Relaxed Style For A Casual Wedding

Some couples shy away from formal wedding events, as they can feel more comfortable with a more relaxed celebration. If you know you want to host something casual, or an event that leans on rustic charm over traditional wedding features, a tuxedo can do a poor job blending in. In these circumstances, a simple suit, or even a vest without a jacket, can help your groom feel more of a piece with your celebration!

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