Deciding Who You Should Include In Your Wedding Party

Professional Photo By: Harper Blankenship

While some wedding planning tasks can wait after you become engaged, there are others you can take care of quickly. Many people who plan to wed can have a clear idea of who they want in their wedding party. With that said, questions over how large your party should be, and who will be able to fully commit to pre-wedding activities, can complicate your choices. While the wedding party members tend to be selected early, take your time to think about what size the overall group should be, and to consider who can best take on the responsibilities of their role. Be sure to also think about who can fill other important positions, like the ushers, as you plan your event.

How Large Should Your Wedding Party Be?

Before you finalize your list of wedding party members, you will need to have a clear choice for how large the group should be. If you want to host a smaller wedding, it can feel odd to have a higher number of bridesmaids and groomsmen. However, a small party can still be appropriate even if your intention is to host a larger crowd for your ceremony and reception. Make sure you and your partner come to an agreement on wedding party size before you start asking people to join you.

Inviting People To Be In Your Wedding Party

Your request for people to be in your wedding party can be elaborate, or you can go with a relatively subdued approach when asking people to stand by you at the altar. If you want to do something special without bringing everyone together, you can send out personalized invitations that include small gifts. These gifts do not need to be elaborate, but they can be a lovely complement to your request that they join you for your wedding. You should also keep in mind that this gift does not replace the favors traditionally given to wedding party members.

Selecting People For Roles Outside Of Your Bridesmaids And Groomsmen

The ushers will play an important role in your wedding before your ceremony starts. In addition to leading guests to their seats, they can answer guests’ questions, direct people to the signature book and gift table, and deliver messages to your wedding party. If you choose to have a wedding that welcomes kids, you may want to select younger family members to act as your ring bearer and flower girl. Be careful about choosing kids that are too young to dependably follow directions.

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