Finding Time To Dance And Honor Reception Traditions

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While some couples look forward to hosting a more traditional wedding reception, others will be eager to have a less formal evening that lets them engage more freely with their guests. No matter what approach you take, if you make space for a dance floor at your reception, you (and your guests) will likely look forward to using it throughout the night! Taking time to work out a schedule for your reception activities can help you determine how much time you will have for unstructured fun, and how much will be taken up by the wedding traditions you choose to honor. If you have a larger wedding, or if you expect to give more time over to traditions, an event coordinator can help you make the most of your night.

Choosing The Reception Traditions That You Want To Honor

Even if you plan on hosting a traditional wedding event, you are free to decide that a certain tradition, or even several traditions, can be cut from your planned evening. This can open up more time for the traditions you do want to celebrate, it can give you more time to go around and talk with all of your guests in attendance, and it can simply mean dropping something that does not interest you.

Make The Most Of Your Dance Floor

Because Texas Old Town provides multiple venue options for our guests, you can find a space that offers room not only for seating but for a spacious dance floor. With that said, encouraging your guests to dance will take more than just room at your event for them to move! Choosing to hire a DJ or live band to provide music can help you sustain the energy of your night, and it can ensure that someone is overseeing the event and responding quickly when things seem to wind down. While some couples choose to prepare a playlist from their phone for their event, the inability to adjust to the mood in the room can limit the impact of this choice.

The Benefits Of Having An Event Coordinator During The Reception

Whether you plan to make the most of every tradition or want to limit them, an event coordinator can be key for making the most of your reception. Having someone who is keeping track of time, who can give you an early warning about when another is coming up, and who can make important announcements to guests can be key for keeping your night on track!

Create A Wonderful Ceremony And Reception At Texas Old Town!

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