Fitting First Look Photos Into Your Wedding Day Schedule

Professional Photo By: Marissa Barrera Photography

Why do couples choose to set aside time during the wedding day to take first look photos? While some couples still prefer to save the reveal of the bridal gown for the ceremony itself, many cherish the images captured when first look photos are taken. As exciting as it can be to plan this activity, you can have real concerns about fitting them into the hours before your ceremony is supposed to begin. Texas Old Town can help you find time in the hours before your wedding by making day-of preparations easier. We do this by providing couples generous dressing suites and early venue access as part of our standard amenities, and by including setup and breakdown services for your decorations in our All-Inclusive Wedding Package.

Why Couples Take First Look Photos

The first look photos can be images that you cherish, and they can look great framed and put up in your shared home. More than just a means of taking pictures together on the wedding day, this photo series traditionally documents the reveal of the bride in her dress, and her partner’s reaction. First look photos ensure that this significant moment is captured clearly by your wedding photographer, and it allows you to take your portraits together before the ceremony instead of after. When you save couple photos for the time between your ceremony and reception, you can cut into the time reserved for celebrating with your guests.

Making Time For Your First Look Photos

The hours before your wedding ceremony can be busy, but you can find that many important tasks can be delegated. Having wedding party members help with the setup, or having them oversee setup done by vendors, will allow you to focus on dressing, having your hair and makeup styled, and making time for your first look photos. Texas Old Town also makes this easier because we offer both early venue access and space for dressing. In fact, you can have everyone in your wedding meet at the venue early to dress, which will put them in place to assist with pre-wedding activities.

More Tips To Make The Hours Before Your Ceremony Less Stressful

Whether you take first look photos or not, you will need to make smart use of your time before your ceremony begins. One way to do this is to delegate responsibilities before the day itself. When you know who is responsible for matters like transporting your wedding cake, drinks, and decorations, and when you know your wedding party members will be available to check on the setup of your ceremony and reception spaces, you can feel more at ease as you dress for your walk down the aisle!

Texas Old Town Can Offer Great Settings For Your Wedding

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