Helpful Information About Wedding Guests And Picture Taking

Professional Photo By: Wes Atkinson Photography

Even though you have a wedding photographer on hand to document your celebration, you can safely assume that your guests will want to take pictures with their phones. Should you see this as something you will want to discourage or downplay, or a means of gathering other perspectives on your special day? Throughout the reception, you can feel free to let people take photos. In fact, you can even encourage it by setting up a photo backdrop where people can snap selfies and pictures with other guests. However, you should encourage people to keep their phones out of sight during the wedding ceremony. During this event, guests who want to snap pictures can become a distraction, and they can end up interfering with shots your photographer wants to take.

Your Guests Can Be Excited To Take Their Own Pictures At Your Event

When people are happy to be somewhere, or feel that an event is memorable, it can be only natural for them to decide to take pictures. One thing to remember is to take this as a sign that people are happy for you, happy to be in attendance, and excited to capture images of your celebration. When you give them the freedom to do so, it can make the experience more fun for them and less stressful for you.

When Should We Ask Guests To NOT Take Pictures?

While there can be few issues with people taking pictures at the wedding reception, you should ask people to let your photographer work alone during your ceremony. Letting guests take pictures during the ceremony can create problems for others, as it can block their view. It can also create trouble for your photographer, as their carefully planned pictures can be compromised by the appearance of an arm and a smartphone in their frame!

Create A Wedding Hashtag For Guests To Use When Posting Reception Pictures

Creating a wedding hashtag will help you track down all of the pictures people take and share after your event is over. A small sign with your preferred hashtag can be placed at your reception, or even included with your wedding brochure, to make sure it is distributed. If you do include it in the brochure, or if a sign is put out before the reception, include a note with it asking people to limit picture-taking to after the ceremony.

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