Make Sure You Check Out Our Bridal Garage Sale January 24!

On Sunday, January 24, Texas Old Town will open its doors and welcome couples to our Bridal Garage Sale event! Couples who have recently wed will be on hand to sell gently used decorations at exciting discounts, and our venue spaces will be available to tour. You can find a range of different pieces that work for weddings of different styles. Expect to find rustic and antique pieces along with modern, playful, elegant, and other styles on hand! To ensure that this event is helpful, fun, and safe, we are following state and county guidelines to protect against Covid-19, and social distancing practices will be in place. Make sure you bring cash with you to this event, as the couples selling goods may be unable to take other forms of payment.

Find Great Discounts On A Wide Array Of Wedding Decorations

Newlyweds who recently celebrated their own nuptials will join us to sell decorations used in their own weddings. If you are trying to bring your wedding theme together, or if you just want to find discounts on attractive pieces, you can look at a wide array of offerings! Because the sellers have recently gone through their own weddings, they can offer you tips on how they used pieces that interest you. This poses a good opportunity to find savings, but it will also open up opportunities to find pieces that might be difficult to find elsewhere.

Our Venues Will Be Open For Viewing

In addition to using our Bridal Garage Sale as a chance to find great decorative items for your wedding celebration, couples can also use their visit to check out our different venue options! All four of the venues at our site will be open for touring. You can look at them for inspiration as you are thinking about what pieces might be right for you. You can also take time to see which of the four might be best suited to the wedding you are planning.

Smart Tips For People Who Visit Our Sale

To make sure that our Bridal Garage Sale is safe for visitors, we are abiding by all applicable guidelines in place to protect against the spread of Covid-19. While you shop this event, we will ask you to follow appropriate social distancing guidelines. Bring cash with you to the event, as buyers may not have another form of payment that they can take.

Come To Texas Old Town’s Garage Sale Event January 24!

On Sunday, January 24, Texas Old Town is welcoming couples to our special Bridal Garage Sale event! This is your chance to find great decorations and explore our different venues! If you would like to find out more about this event, or if you have questions about reserving our Austin wedding venue, please complete our online contact form or call our Kyle, TX venue today at 512.396.1800!