Making Time For Group Pictures Before Your Reception

Professional Photo By: Toan Nguyen Photography

As you work out what vendor services you need for your wedding, you should look into securing the services of a wedding photographer. Photographers capture meaningful and magical moments throughout your wedding ceremony and reception, and even images from before your event begins. In addition to snapping pictures of people enjoying your wedding, they can take stunning posed pictures of you and your partner with wedding party members and family members. The photos you stage between your ceremony and reception can be among your favorites, and your family can be excited to frame and display them. To keep guests happy while they wait for the reception to begin, you can arrange for an informal cocktail hour to occur while your photos are taken.

What Photos Should We Schedule Between The Ceremony And Reception?

In the time between your ceremony, you can take a number of pictures with your partner, your wedding party members, and your respective families. Typically, family photos on each side will focus on both pictures with immediate family members and also extended family. Each half of the happy couple will also take photos with their wedding party members, though they can each take a few with their partner’s group, too.

Taking Pictures With Your Wedding Party Members

Your wedding is a celebration of your love with your partner, but it is also important to acknowledge the love and support from the other people in your life. The pictures you take with your wedding party members will help you commemorate their roles in helping your special day feel so significant. While you will take pictures with the entire group together, you can also arrange for separate photo sessions with the bridesmaids and groomsmen.

First Look Photos Give You More Time For Other Group Pictures

If you want to make sure you have time for all of the posed pictures you want, consider taking first look photos with your partner before your ceremony begins. In addition to capturing your portraits as a couple, this creates an opportunity for you to capture the reveal of the bridal gown. While some couples wish to save this reveal for the ceremony, first look photos can offer treasured images as well as an opportunity to take more time for group pictures.

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