Requesting And Managing The RSVPs For Your Wedding

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The RSVPs you receive for your wedding let you know how many people to expect for your event, who is or is not bringing a date, and (when appropriate) guests’ meal preferences. In other words, the responses returned after your invitations go out provide information you need to complete plans for your wedding event! There are a few things you can do to make RSVP gathering and tracking easier. Give people a clear deadline for when you need their information, and make sure they know what details you are asking of them. If you receive incomplete information, or if people have not responded at the time of the deadline, be prepared to gently follow up with them.

Make Sure Your Guests Provide All Of The Necessary Information In Their RSVPs

When you send out wedding invitations, be as clear as possible about how people should respond, and what information you need from them. Because some guests may be less comfortable with online tasks, offer an offline option for response if you ask people to email or respond through your wedding website. Make sure that you receive confirmations that include the number of people attending per invitation. This is particularly important if you are welcoming children at your wedding, as you will need to know who will or will not attend with their family members in tow. If you are serving plated meals and giving people the chance to select their main course, you can take this information for your caterers with your RSVPs.

Following Up With People Who Do Not RSVP As Requested

You should make it clear that you want people to RSVP even if they cannot attend. When people formally decline their invitation, you can adjust your plans for serving food, stocking beverages, and seating individuals. Do not assume that someone’s lack of response is their way of declining! Follow up with those who have not responded when the deadline for doing so is coming up. You may find that some people forgot to let you know their plans, or even that their response was lost!

Steps To Take After You Have Your RSVPs

With your RSVPs collected, you will have a clearer picture of what you need for food and drinks, and what your seating chart should look like. As you finalize plans for your wedding, leave yourself a little wiggle room for some surprises. People who intended to attend may have a conflict come up after they send their RSVPs, while others can attend despite not telling you they planned to do so!

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