Tips For Creating A Truly Stylish Wedding Exit

Professional Photo By: Amanda Hoffman Art

A memorable ending to your wedding can create a moment well worth photographing, and it can help close your event in a way that satisfies your guests. You should think about both how you want your departure to look on film and how you actually leave the venue for the night. When you think about what guests should hold or throw, take time to look for options that are both visually interesting and relatively easy to clean. To take care of your departure, consider renting a luxury vehicle to pick you up and chauffeur you. While this portion of your event is the end of your night, there are a few matters that wedding party and family members will have to address. Make sure you have someone responsible for picking up decorations and gifts for you, and that the right help is available to clean up at the end of your wedding.

Make Sure People Know When Your Exit Is About To Occur

One thing you should do is make sure guests are prepared for your exit. The energy of your departure can be deflated if guests are surprised or unprepared for it. An event coordinator will be able to communicate clearly on your behalf, and they can also make sure people are aware of updates like the closing of your bar. With advance notice, everyone can be in place, with items in hand, to bid you a fond farewell!

Give Guests Something Exciting (And Easy To Clean) For Your Departure

As you walk out of your wedding, your guests can wave or throw items to create a truly fun visual that your wedding photographer can capture. As you look into what your guests can use at this event, think about clean-up as well as your visuals. Something to wave, like glow sticks or ribbon streamers, can look great and be quick to clean up. Larger and easier to pick up items like paper airplanes can also be fun and surprisingly convenient.

Arranging Transportation For Your Exit

Scheduling limousine service or a ride in a luxury car can end your night on a terrific note. Transportation removes any concerns about unsafe driving, and it can wow guests who see you drive off in style! If you want to do something less expected, you can look into your options for vintage car service for your exit.

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