Tips For Warmly Welcoming Guests Before The Ceremony

Professional Photo By: Weddings By Tony And Elena

Typically, the happy couple will be more preoccupied with readying themselves for the wedding ceremony than welcoming guests as they arrive. In fact, the traditional rules would dictate that the bride remain unseen until the actual ceremony is underway. With that said, you still need to put thought into how you can warmly receive everyone as they arrive for your special day. As you work out the details of your event, you should take some time to think about how you can make sure people receive the right greeting when they arrive. The ushers who serve in your wedding will play an important part in this. They can do more than just seat your guests – they will be on hand to direct people to your guest book, they can answer questions, and they can even bring important messages to the wedding party.

The Role Ushers Play Before The Ceremony Begins

Ushers tend to be most visible when seating guests as they arrive at the wedding. This function helps speed up the process of seating everyone, and it ensures that family members will be brought to the appropriate rows. Beyond this, they help by operating as the first line of wedding support for guests who arrive. This means they can answer relatively simple questions about where to leave gifts, where to find the restrooms, or where the guest book is located. If a more significant question comes up, they can deliver messages while keeping a degree of separation between the couple and the guests, which can limit interruptions and keep you on track for starting at the right time.

Putting Out Signs And Favors For Arriving Guests

The right signage at your wedding can be useful even if you have guests. Welcome signs reassure people that they are at the right event. Signs that draw them to the wedding favors you put out can help ensure that everyone receives the tokens of your appreciation that you have offered. While your signs do not have to be especially large or elaborate, they should be clear, and they should be designed to fit in with the rest of your decorations.

Should You Make Refreshments Available Before The Ceremony?

For a summer or winter wedding, you may want to put out refreshments to help people stay comfortable during the ceremony. Lemonade, tea, and water can all be appreciated in the summertime as a means of helping people adjust to warmer weather. For a wedding that takes place during the colder seasons, you can provide refreshments in the form of coffee or cocoa. While not strictly necessary, these offerings can go over well, and help you start your event on a positive note!

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