Using Flowers To Give Your Wedding More Color

Professional Photo By: Weddings By Tony And Elena

The colors you choose for your wedding decorations can be important to your overall look and theme. You can choose to provide a variety of different hues, or stick with a couple of colors that dominate the look of your event. No matter how much color you plan to implement, you will have many opportunities to showcase your selections. One thing to remember is that floral arrangements are among the most eye-catching opportunities to showcase your wedding colors that you will have. Flowers can be used in table centerpieces, as decorations for your ceremony, and they can add more color to the look of the bride and bridesmaids. For an outdoor ceremony, flowers can help you maintain your natural look while still bringing in your colors to beautify your surroundings.

The Importance Of Your Wedding Colors In Establishing Your Event Theme

While your wedding theme can be built around more than just the colors you choose, the palette you select for your special day will be important to your overall look. You can create a bright, fun, friendly event with sunnier colors, or you can rely on more muted tones to help you create a more elegant affair. Many couples draw inspiration from the season when they think about decorating their wedding – for example, at a winter wedding, you may want to make white a prominent part of your look. With that said, you also have the option of disregarding the season, or even going for a sense of contrast by choosing unexpected colors.

What Floral Arrangements Do For Your Wedding Look

Floral arrangements can work well at both laid-back and formal wedding events. Many people expect to see flowers as a prominent part of the wedding decorations, and they can have value in many aspects of your overall decorations. While they are not just a means of injecting more color into your ceremony and reception spaces, the colors added by your arrangements are important. As you start to think about your selection of colors that you want, it can be a good idea to look at what flowers will be in season, as this can help you understand how easy it will be to feature the hues you want to show off.

Choosing The Look And Color Scheme For Your Bouquets

Remember that floral decorations are not just fixed in place on your tables and at your altar – you also carry them with you in your bouquets! This gives you an opportunity to add more color for both the bride and bridesmaids. By selecting your colors early, you can think about how the bridesmaid bouquets and dresses can contribute to each other and complete their look!

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