What To Consider When Thinking About Your Ideal Venue Size

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The “right” size of a wedding will depend on the preferences of the couple hosting the event. Some couples will feel that a joyous celebration like a wedding calls for a larger turnout, while others feel it is more appropriate to be selective with who they welcome to attend their special day. Because there is so much variety in guest counts, your different wedding venue options can offer different size spaces to select from. Texas Old Town offers multiple venue spaces, and we have taken care to create settings that can accommodate larger and smaller turnouts. For all of our guests, we offer an array of important amenities that make organizing and celebrating your wedding easier!

Will Your Reception Area Offer Enough Space For Dancing?

When you look at your reception area, you need to think about more than just the space you will need for your tables. Other factors to consider are the space you can afford to caterers, your dessert and gift table, and your bartenders (if you serve alcohol). You also need to think about what a space can offer in terms of a dance floor. With ample space for dancing, you can keep guests happy and occupied throughout the night. Remember that a dance floor also calls for reliable music services – make sure you have the right space if you intend to hire a live band, or if you want to use a DJ for your reception.

Will You Have Room At The Altar For Your Wedding Party?

Just as you have the freedom to choose the size of your guest list, you have freedom when it comes to choosing how many people you have in your wedding party. With that said, one problem you can run into with a larger party is a lack of space for everyone to stand at the altar. A cramped space can lead to everyone feeling crammed in when they join you for your vow exchange. One thing to remember is that by staggering your party members or having them stand at an arc instead of a line, you can fit them more easily into a slightly smaller space that you love.

Make Sure You Have Room For Everyone You Invite, Not Just Who You Expect

As you look into your different venue options, make sure you have room that can hold everyone you invite to your wedding, not just your anticipated turnout. It is common for people to decline wedding invitations, but in the event that more people arrive than expected, you will need to make space for them.

Explore Your Venue Options At Texas Old Town!

Texas Old Town provides couples with different venue options, which means you have some variety to choose from when it comes to finding the right space for your celebration. All of our venue options include backdrops that feature a stunning Texas Hill Country landscape as well as generous amenities that make celebrating easier. To find out more, you can fill out our online contact form or call our Kyle, TX venue at 512.396.1800!