What To Think About When You Put Out Your Wedding Guest Book

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There are many ways to commemorate your wedding. Pictures, gifts, and even the decorations you use to personalize your space can be worth holding onto. One thing you can be especially excited to hold onto is your wedding guest book. Traditionally, your book takes the signatures of the guests who were on hand for your celebration. These books come in a variety of styles, and their degree of fun and formality should match your wedding. Make sure you think about more than just the book itself, as you should commit to creating an attractive and attention-grabbing space to place it at your wedding. As popular as the traditional guest book format has been, you can put your own spin on it and set up a station where people can commemorate their attendance by leaving their pictures for you to collect!

Why Couples Ask Guests To Sign A Guest Book

The guest book creates a record of everyone who was present to help you celebrate on your special day. When you revisit it later, you can enjoy thinking back to seeing those different people and receiving their well-wishes. If you choose, you can ask for more than just a signature. A larger book that gives people more space to write can capture special messages or words of encouragement from people excited to see you wed your partner!

Make Sure Your Guest Book Is Easy To Spot

The table where you place your guest book should stand out without feeling too distinct from your other wedding day decorations. Make sure you are consistent with your wedding colors, and that the style of the table fits the theme of your event. With that said, a larger and more elaborate space can draw people in and ensure that they see your book available to sign! In addition to the book itself, you can put out helpful signage, share pictures of yourself with your partner, or include family photos. This space can also be used to put out pictures of important people who are no longer with us whom you would like to honor.

Should You Collect Guest Pictures Instead Of Signatures?

Instead of gathering signatures, some couples choose to instead ask guests to leave behind fun pictures to record their presence. With an instant film camera on hand, you can have people take pictures of themselves with their dates and place them in your book, or store them to be set in a book later. This can be a fun way to make a more modern event feel distinct, and it can be a way to document the look and atmosphere of your celebration.

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