Why You Need Your Full Wedding Party At Your Rehearsal

Professional Photo By: Lauren Garrison Photography

The wedding rehearsal is more than a formality, or a pretense to gather for your rehearsal dinner. This is your chance to work with everyone involved in the ceremony so that they know their roles and can comfortably perform them on your wedding day. It is also your chance to make sure your vision for your procession looks as good in person as it does in your head. In some circumstances, it may be impossible for one of your bridesmaids or groomsmen to attend, at which point they will need some coaching on the day itself. With that said, you should make every effort to encourage everyone to be in attendance for this final pre-wedding event!

The Wedding Rehearsal Can Be More Important Than You Realize

Many people – couples and wedding party members alike – fail to realize how much they need to go through a wedding rehearsal until they take part in one. The steps of the procession can seem simple at first glance, but remember that everyone will be working with the nerves of being seen by the guests in attendance, and that visibility can cause nervousness. Rehearsing everything, from arranging everyone before the ceremony to their move down the aisle and back, can prepare them and give them more reassurance they will look confident and comfortable during the event.

Tips For Ensuring Your Rehearsal Is Successful

You should do more than just make sure everyone in your wedding party is on hand at the rehearsal. Give yourself time to practice your procession more than once, and also to rearrange groomsmen or bridesmaids if you feel it is appropriate to do so. You should also use your phone to play the music cues you intend to use at all points in the ceremony. One particularly important thing to do is be patient with your ring bearer and flower girl. If you decide to have kids in your wedding procession, they can require a little more attention and practice to make sure they are confident in their roles.

You Can Host Your Rehearsal Dinner At Our Venue!

Our venue offers many amenities that can make wedding planning easier. One thing we can do is give you more time to work through your rehearsal by opening up our space for your rehearsal dinner! This means you will not have to move wedding party members from one place to the next, so you can squeeze in extra time and work on preparing for your ceremony.

Gather Everyone Together For A Great Wedding At Texas Old Town

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