Month: January 2021

3 Fun Ways To Surprise And Treat Your Guests

Your wedding will have plenty of big moments for people to admire, but you may be surprised at how far some small touches can go in setting your celebration apart and delighting your guests. A few creative or indulgent touches can elicit surprise and delight, and they can be easier than you expect to work… Read more »

Choosing Attire For A Spring Or Summer Wedding

When you choose to host an outdoor wedding at Texas Old Town in the spring or summer, you can look forward to sunny skies and a stunning Texas Hill Country landscape! Of course, you can also safely anticipate warmer weather, which can affect the wardrobe choices you make for yourself and your wedding party members…. Read more »

Making Time In Your Reception For Wedding Traditions

The wedding reception gives guests more freedom than the ceremony. During the ceremony, everyone in attendance watches as you and your partner exchange vows, but during the reception they can dine, drink, mingle, and congratulate you on your union. While this makes the reception less structured, it does not mean that you should have no… Read more »

Will We Have Time For First Look Photos Before The Ceremony?

The hours that lead to your wedding can be filled with activity. You and your partner need to concentrate on dressing and looking your best, but you also want to make sure that decorations are in place, wedding vendors are arriving and can set up, and that beverages, the wedding cake, and other important consumables… Read more »

What Should We Do With Our Sweetheart Table?

By creating a sweetheart table for your wedding reception, you establish a space where you and your partner can be by yourselves but still visible to all of your guests. This table takes away the need to determine if you should sit with family or wedding party members, and it can add an extra decorative… Read more »

Finding Or Making The Right Centerpieces For Your Reception

Your table centerpieces at your wedding reception are an important part of your event’s look, and a great way to broadcast the theme of your wedding. Because even a small wedding can make use of many tables, these pieces can also take up a noteworthy portion of your overall decorating budget. When you look into… Read more »

3 Things To Keep In Mind When Creating Wedding Invitations

The wedding invitations that you send out should do two important things. You should make sure that they are clear, and that all of the necessary information is both present and accurate. It can also be important to make sure that they look nice, both to hold the attention of invitees and because they give… Read more »

Using Your Wedding Website To Communicate With Guests

The information you share in your wedding invitations is obviously important, but there may be several concerns that you cannot fit into them. Wedding websites give couples more space to share both pertinent information about their upcoming event and their relationship. While you do not need to create something elaborate, the website you set up… Read more »

Make Sure You Come To Our Bridal Garage Sale This Sunday!

On the morning of Sunday, January 24, Texas Old Town is welcoming couples to our venue for our special Bridal Garage Sale event! By visiting, you gain an opportunity to find terrific deals on a wide variety of gently used decorations from recent weddings as well as a chance to explore our four different venue… Read more »

3 Tips To Help You Arrange The Tables At Your Reception

The way you arrange your wedding reception tables can have more impact on your event than you expect. Obviously, the way you seat people can affect how guests enjoy themselves, but your arrangements go beyond the seating chart. You should think about how your table placement affects the flow of your event, how the centerpieces… Read more »