3 Fun Ways To Surprise And Treat Your Guests

Professional Photo By: TLC Photography

Your wedding will have plenty of big moments for people to admire, but you may be surprised at how far some small touches can go in setting your celebration apart and delighting your guests. A few creative or indulgent touches can elicit surprise and delight, and they can be easier than you expect to work into your plans. These surprises go beyond offering wedding favors (though people can certainly appreciate those, too). Sometimes, something as modest as the addition of refreshments at the start of your event or more variety during dessert are all you need to bring your wedding up a level and truly impress people!

1. Set Up A Dessert Table That Offers More Than Just Cake

Wedding cake can spend most of your reception acting as a lovely addition to your decorations, but it will eventually provide something sweet to your guests after they have dined and danced. Of course, you may have guests who prefer other dessert options to cake, or just hope to enjoy more than one item at the end of their evening. Stacking your dessert table with cupcakes, brownies, pastries, and other goodies can certainly be a popular choice. It can be especially popular to your youngest guests if you encourage families to bring their kids to your celebration.

2. Serve Coffee At The End Of The Night

Coffee pairs well with dessert, and it can be a nice wake-up for people before they drive home at the end of a later celebration. You can put out carafes when your bar is about to close so that people can start enjoying their beverages before your stylish exit. For those who prefer not to have caffeine, you can offer both decaf coffee and hot cocoa as an alternative. Cocoa and coffee can be especially welcome at a chillier winter wedding.

3. Provide Refreshments Before Your Ceremony Begins

Many of your guests will arrive in time to chat with people they know and settle themselves before the ceremony begins. To welcome them, and to keep them from growing too hungry before the reception, consider serving light appetizers and beverages at the start of your evening! For a spring and summer wedding, fruit-infused water can be both a terrific treat and a way to help people stay cool.

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