3 Tips To Help You Arrange The Tables At Your Reception

Professional Photo By: Nicole Chatham Photography

The way you arrange your wedding reception tables can have more impact on your event than you expect. Obviously, the way you seat people can affect how guests enjoy themselves, but your arrangements go beyond the seating chart. You should think about how your table placement affects the flow of your event, how the centerpieces tie your room together, and how you can leave plenty of room for guest movement and dancing! Because Texas Old Town has four different venue options, you can find a space that is ready to fit you and your guests at your lovely Austin wedding event!

1. You Should (Probably) Have A Seating Chart

Are seating charts always necessary? For many events, they offer several benefits. You will have less time to wait as people take their seats. If you offer plated meals and let guests pick between different courses, the seating chart lets your wait staff know where to bring food. However, if you are planning a small wedding, and do not need to directly serve guests, you may be able to work without the seating chart.

2. Make Sure That You Have Plenty Of Room For A Dance Floor

If you want your guests to enjoy themselves well into the night, few features are as useful as the dance floor. As you work out how many tables you need, and how many seats you have to fill, think about how you can arrange everything so that ample room is provided for people to enjoy the music, and the evening. To truly make the most of your dance floor, secure the services of a live band or professional DJ. While some people want to save money by creating a wedding playlist for the reception, live entertainers can improvise and adjust as needed to sustain the right energy for your event.

3. Avoid A Larger Centerpiece That Affects Table Conversations

You need to think about more than just where people sit when you think about your table layout. Centerpieces are an important part of any wedding reception’s look, but be careful not to let yours become too elaborate. In addition to being more expensive, larger centerpieces can interfere with conversations that guests want to have with their tablemates. While you can take care to make something unique, elaborate, or classic, think about how the piece will function as well as how it looks before you make a final choice to use a larger decoration.

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