Choosing Attire For A Spring Or Summer Wedding

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When you choose to host an outdoor wedding at Texas Old Town in the spring or summer, you can look forward to sunny skies and a stunning Texas Hill Country landscape! Of course, you can also safely anticipate warmer weather, which can affect the wardrobe choices you make for yourself and your wedding party members. Even if your time outside is relatively short, you should try to search for clothing choices that make people comfortable. Lighter fabrics and colors can be beneficial. While a jacketless look can work for the guys at a more casual wedding, it can seem awkward at a more formal gathering. Fortunately, you can find lighter suits that are both stylish and seasonally appropriate that work for your celebration!

Dressing Appropriately For An Outdoor Wedding

Because we have dates available for couples all year long, you can have your pick of the seasons! While some couples like the idea of hosting their wedding in the winter or fall and enjoying cooler temperatures, many people want the sunny warmth of spring or summer for their celebration. You should consider what weather you are likely to have at the time of your event, and let that inform both how you ask your wedding party members to dress and what you and your partner choose to wear. Make sure that your guests know that the ceremony is taking place outdoors, as this gives them the chance to choose comfortable attire for themselves.

Seasonal Suits For The Groom And Groomsmen

You do not have to drop suit jackets from your attire options for the groom and groomsmen! Lighter fabrics and suits that boast lighter colors can provide style and comfort for your celebration. If you feature bright and sunny colors and decorative pieces, these lighter suits can be a great fit for your theme as well as easier for the groomsmen to keep on throughout the ceremony.

Choosing The Right Colors For Everyone’s Attire

Color choices matter at both formal and informal wedding celebrations. Whether you opt for an elaborate event or something simple, you want to be consistent in style and tone. For bridesmaids, consider choosing a color that is already being featured heavily in your wedding decorations. While the guys do not have to wear jackets that come up in your wedding colors, they can still feature at least one of those colors in their neckwear, pocket squares, or shirts!

Celebrate A Lovely Spring Or Summer Wedding At Texas Old Town!

Texas Old Town gives couples access to beautiful Texas Hill Country surroundings as well as welcoming indoor settings and generous amenities for their wedding! We are excited to help you celebrate your union with your partner, and we also welcome those interested in hosting corporate and other special events. To find out more, please fill out our online contact form or call our Kyle, TX venue today at 512.396.1800!