Finding Or Making The Right Centerpieces For Your Reception

Professional Photo By: Raven And Hare Photography

Your table centerpieces at your wedding reception are an important part of your event’s look, and a great way to broadcast the theme of your wedding. Because even a small wedding can make use of many tables, these pieces can also take up a noteworthy portion of your overall decorating budget. When you look into your options for centerpieces, you can find that you have options for premade pieces as well as custom arrangements. If you have the time and the crafting skills, you can even take in original and repurposed items to craft them on your own! If you are looking for more options for decorations, or if you want to look for items you can use in crafting, make sure you check out our Bridal Garage Sale on Sunday, January 24, where a wide variety of gently used decorations will be available to you!

The Importance Of The Right Centerpieces

The right centerpieces at your guests’ tables will help you bring your decorative vision together. After all, these are prominent pieces, which will appear throughout the reception area. They should showcase your wedding colors, and they should help clarify whatever theme and level of formality you have chosen for your special day. With that said, take time to think about the practical effects of your choices as well as their style impact. Larger pieces can be frustrating to move in and out of the venue, and they can create potential problems for table communication.

Should You Try To Make Your Own Centerpieces?

Centerpieces can be difficult to fully make on your own, even if you are planning a DIY wedding. They are among the most closely-viewed pieces at your wedding, you will need to create several while keeping their appearance consistent, and they often feature real flowers (which limits your ability to work in advance). You can find decorators who are able to provide custom pieces so that you can have a personalized look and present something that feels distinct.

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Our Bridal Garage Sale this Sunday will give couples the chance to check out a great assortment of gently used decorative pieces featured in recent weddings. This is your chance to find interesting items and also enjoy welcome discounts that help you do more with your wedding budget. Remember to bring cash with you, as many sellers will only be able to accept it as payment. We are following state and local guidelines for protection against the coronavirus at the event, including guidelines on safe social distancing.

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