How Should You Invite Your Bridesmaids To Join Your Wedding?

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A proposal is a magical moment, one that marks the start of your engagement period. For some weddings, the bride-to-be will create a “proposal” of their own when asking people to serve as bridesmaids. You can send out specially made invitations and gifts with your request that someone serve as your bridesmaid, create an official gathering (or virtual gathering) to make your request, or find some other way to extend this request. Of course, bridesmaid proposals, like wedding proposals, can stay simple. Ultimately, your goal should be to show your bridesmaids how much they mean to you in a way that suits your personality and feels right for the wedding that you intend to host.

Should You Do Something Special When Creating Your Bridesmaid Invitations?

Should you follow the trend of doing something special when asking people to serve as bridesmaids, or trust that the request itself is meaningful enough without extra amenities? Making a special occasion of asking is not necessary, but it can be a fun and exciting way to bring someone into your wedding party. If your planned wedding party consists of people who are not already connected to each other, a gathering can create an opportunity to bond. However, it is still acceptable to make the request modestly. In fact, you can be better off keeping things simple if you are trying to fit your wedding planning efforts into a shorter time frame.

How Many Bridesmaids Should You Have In Your Wedding Party?

There is not a strict rule on how large or small a wedding party should be, though it is customary for both halves to have the same number of members. Talk with your partner to see how many people they want standing at their side of the altar and let them know how many people you want on your side. By working out an idea of how many people you both want, you can settle on an agreeable number. One thing to consider is that a small wedding with a larger wedding party can feel odd, and may create more hurt feelings from people who expected to be at the altar with you.

What To Ask Of Your Bridesmaids When Inviting Them To Join Your Wedding Party

Bridesmaids are typically expected to do more than just wear a pre-selected dress and take part in the ceremony. They should be on hand for various pre-wedding celebrations, including your wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Even if details are not set, you should try to give people some idea of what you expect in terms of their involvement before and on the wedding day. Remember that out of town bridesmaids may have a harder time being fully involved.

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