Making Time In Your Reception For Wedding Traditions

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The wedding reception gives guests more freedom than the ceremony. During the ceremony, everyone in attendance watches as you and your partner exchange vows, but during the reception they can dine, drink, mingle, and congratulate you on your union. While this makes the reception less structured, it does not mean that you should have no structure at all to your evening! Even couples who want to have an informal wedding have a few traditions they plan to honor during their reception. You should be prepared to make time for these moments in the course of your evening, which is something an event coordinator can help with. If you worry that you will not have enough time for all of the reception activities that you plan, you can take a few actions to make more time for this portion of your event!

The Benefit To Hiring An Event Coordinator

With an event coordinator to oversee your evening, you can avoid trouble keeping your event on track. Throughout the reception, they can help by making announcements, letting you know when a certain event should begin, and relaying messages to other vendors who are working on your behalf. For a more formal event, or one with a larger guest count, they can offer significant value in helping you make the most of your reception! If you are unsure of who to turn to for this help, we do list Event Coordinators and Planners in the vendors list we maintain.

Announcing The Start Of Important Moments During The Reception

Your guests can be as excited for certain wedding traditions as you are, but they can lose themselves in conversation and fine dining and not realize when a certain activity is about to start. Your DJ or a member of a live band can act as an emcee and make important announcements on your behalf. In addition to announcing the arrival of the bride and groom at the start of the reception, they can let people know when to pick up champagne for the wedding toasts, and when the cake is about to be cut. In other words, they make it easier for you to quickly and effectively share important information about your evening to your guests!

What Can We Do To Make More Time For Our Reception?

One thing you can do to add time to your reception is take first look photos before the ceremony. This removes the need to pose for portraits as a couple after the ceremony, so you can move more quickly through family photos and pictures with wedding party members. Texas Old Town makes it easier to arrange everything and start your celebration on time because we provide sixteen hours of access to our venue as part of our standard amenities.

Celebrate A Wonderful Wedding At Texas Old Town

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