Should Our Ceremony Feature A Ring Bearer And Flower Girl?

Professional Photo By: Weddings By Tony And Elena

While the ring bearer and flower girl roles are often featured in wedding ceremonies, many couples choose to leave these roles unfilled. These roles work well in traditional wedding events, and it can be a nice way to include younger family members or the children of close family friends in your special day. Make sure that the children you select are old enough to follow directions, as kids who are too young may have a difficult time understanding what you are asking of them. If you plan on hosting a child-free event, you can simply leave out these positions, or you can ask adult friends to join your procession to stand in for these roles.

Why Some Couples Choose Not To Include These Roles In Their Ceremony

By cutting the flower girl and ring bearer from your wedding ceremony, you can subtract some time from your overall event, and you have less rehearsing to do before the celebration. You can also keep your procession smaller by doing this. If you ask your guests to leave their children at home, and prefer not to use adults in these roles, you can drop the roles without difficulty.

Who Should You Select For These Roles?

If you do choose to have a flower girl and ring bearer as part of your ceremony, make sure that the kids you choose are mature enough to comfortably follow directions. For a ring bearer old enough to comfortably serve in the wedding but not quite old enough to be entrusted with the wedding rings, you can provide them a ceremonial ring and entrust the real ones to your best man. Typically, these roles will go to the children of family members or close friends. If you have members of the wedding party who have children old enough to serve these roles, they can be good candidates.

Give Your Ring Bearer And Flower Girl Time To Practice At The Wedding Rehearsal

If you use a ring bearer and flower girl in your wedding, be sure to include them in the wedding rehearsal. They can require more practice and more attention to help them understand what you are asking of them. In addition to making sure they understand their roles, you may want to give them extra practice to make them feel comfortable with what they are doing during your wedding ceremony.

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