Tips On Creating A Fun Family-Friendly Wedding Event

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Should you encourage your guests to bring their kids to your wedding, or ask that only adults be present on your special day? Either choice is valid, and will present their own benefits. While an adults-only wedding can help you invite more people, some couples feel that a wedding is not complete unless families are present to help them celebrate. If you plan on welcoming guests of all ages to your wedding, there are a few smart planning choices you can make to create a great experience for everyone in attendance! One thing to do is set up a special kid-friendly table at your reception. This space will keep your younger attendees occupied, which will keep them happy while their parents enjoy festivities with other adult guests.

The Benefits Of Welcoming Kids At Your Wedding Event

When you welcome guests of all ages, you allow full families to gather in celebration of your union. One obvious benefit to this choice is that you can have nieces, nephews, and other younger family members there for group photos and the celebration itself. This choice also takes away the need for parents to arrange sitting services. This can be a relief to them, and in some cases it can actually make it possible for people to attend.

Creating A Space For Your Youngest Guests At The Reception

Reception activities are typically geared toward adults. While kids can look forward to eating cake, there may be little else to hold their interest at this point in the wedding. To counter this, you can create a kids’ table at the reception! Stocking a table with coloring books, puzzles, and other items creates a space where you can reliably keep kids entertained. You can hire a sitter, or pay an older teen guest, to watch over the kids at play so their parents can enjoy themselves more freely.

Should We Limit The Number Of Kids We Accept At The Wedding?

While kids can pack a wedding with fun and adorable moments, your event is still geared toward adults. Should you limit how many younger guests you welcome for your special day? While it might be tempting to limit the extension of family invitations, like you might limit plus-ones, it can be difficult to explain why some parents were given the option of bringing kids while others were not.

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