Tips On Dressing Up The Dessert Table At Your Reception

Professional Photo By: Weddings By Tony And Elena

Your dessert table can do more than just display the different goods your guests will enjoy during the evening. Everything you lay out at your wedding reception, including your wedding cake and other treats, can contribute to the look and theme of your event. With a carefully decorated dessert table, you can feature your wedding colors, add attractive features to your space, and prominently display your wedding cake. If you choose to provide an array of treats for your event, think about how you want to lay out what you offer. Special trays and other items can help you put everything on display and make them easy to grab.

Create A Stylish Station For Your Desserts!

Think about your dessert table in terms of both form and function. The function is obvious – after all, you want to show off your wedding cake, and you want guests to know that they have other dessert options available to them. As you think about the look of this area, make sure what you put out fits with the surrounding decorations. While you do not need to mirror the decorative approach you take to everyone’s tables, you should feature your wedding colors at the table, and you can use pieces from the table centerpieces to maintain consistency. With that said, the dessert table, like a sweetheart table, can feature more flourishes, as you want to make sure it attracts the attention of your guests!

Prominently Placing Your Wedding Cake

Few items are as closely linked to weddings as the classic tiered wedding cake. Whether you go with a more modestly decorated cake, or something more elaborate, you should have it out for everyone to see! Keep it separate from any other decorations or serving trays that might block its view so that it easily observed. If you plan to offer a groom’s cake along with the wedding cake, the two should be next to each other. If your wedding is larger, and you worry about the space your tiered cake might occupy, consider paying for both a smaller tiered cake and sheets of cake to keep out of view until you serve dessert. In addition to making the cake easier to move and set out, this can lower your dessert costs!

Find Fun Ways To Display Other Dessert Options

While the right treats are sure to grab the attention of your guests, you should put some thought into how you display them. Even if you want to keep a more rustic, laid-back wedding theme, you can use serving trays and stations that offer rustic charm while still showing thought and attention to how everything is placed.

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