Using Bright Colors To Decorate Your Outdoor Wedding

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The Texas Hill Country landscapes available to couples who reserve venue space at Texas Old Town provide stunning backdrops for wedding ceremonies. With access to such lovely natural settings, you can find that few decorations are needed to plan a gorgeous event. With that said, the decorations you do provide will help you personalize your space, establish your wedding theme, and introduce your wedding colors to your event. With a selection of brighter, bolder colors, you can dazzle guests with an exciting look and make sure your decorations stand out against your natural surroundings. Brighter colors can be particularly effective at capturing the look and feel of the season if your wedding date is in the spring or summer. No matter what colors you choose, be consistent when you use them, but remember that you only need to complement the outdoor environment, not compete with it.

Your Wedding Colors And Your Theme

While some couples build their wedding theme entirely around their colors, others will use colors as a feature of the theme that they choose. No matter how central they are to creating your wedding look, your colors will help you convey important information about the event to your guests. Bright, rich colors tend to feel festive and bold, which can be ideal for an outdoor event during the sunnier seasons. You can choose colors specifically because they contribute to a spring or summer feel, or you can use bolder hues to stand apart and draw more attention to your decorative efforts.

Using Your Wedding Colors In An Outdoor Space

Flowers provide a lovely, natural means of introducing your own wedding colors to an outdoor space. They fit in nicely with your outdoor landscape while still feeling distinct, and they work well for both casual and formal events. As you think about different floral arrangements you want to feature at your event, remember that the bouquets and boutonnieres carried by the wedding party will be their own source of color and style. You may feel that you do not need as many decorations for your ceremony space, particularly at the altar, when these are already going to serve as a source of color.

More Tips For Using Your Wedding Colors Effectively

Be careful when deciding on how many wedding colors you want. The more shades you want in your decorations, the more you need to work into different arrangements and decorative pieces. Three to five colors is often plenty for creating a look, and you may find that one or two primary colors with an accent color give you all the variety you want for your look. Be consistent with whatever you choose. While unselected colors will be present, only emphasize those hues that you selected for your special day.

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