Using Your Wedding Website To Communicate With Guests

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The information you share in your wedding invitations is obviously important, but there may be several concerns that you cannot fit into them. Wedding websites give couples more space to share both pertinent information about their upcoming event and their relationship. While you do not need to create something elaborate, the website you set up can be beneficial because it shares information covered in your invitations (which some guests may lose), and because you can discuss matters like your gift registry. One thing to remember is that some of your guests may not make use of the site you create. Do not be surprised if you occasionally have to answer questions about your upcoming wedding that are already covered online. To help with this, make sure your family and your wedding party members have information they can share on your behalf.

Your Wedding Website Can Share More Than You Can Fit Into Your Invitations

Your wedding invitations should share the most relevant details about your event. Those details include the date, time, and location where it will take place, instructions on how to RSVP, whether a guest is welcome to bring a plus-one (or if families should bring their kids to your wedding), and an idea of how to dress. This can answer most questions that guests have, but they may want to know more. Your wedding website gives you the space to share more information on your wedding theme, how people should dress, and the details of your gift registry.

Information Worth Including On Your Site

While couples are often encouraged to leave registry details out of their invitations, they can include them on a wedding website, and even include links for online gift registries. If you do not intend to create a traditional registry, you can use your site to talk about alternatives to gifting, such as donations that people can make on your behalf. You can also set up a section of likely questions people will have, and answers for them to observe. This can help free you up because you will spend less time fielding calls and texts about your upcoming event.

Use Your Site To Share Your Engagement Photos!

The wedding website is a great space for your engagement or proposal photos! You can feel free to share these as images on your main pages, and even create a separate page just to share those photos you really want to show off. If you are still looking for a place to take your engagement photos, you can schedule time at Texas Old Town and enjoy access to a stunning Texas Hill Country backdrop for your pictures!

Welcome Everyone To A Great Wedding At Texas Old Town!

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