What Should We Do With Our Sweetheart Table?

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By creating a sweetheart table for your wedding reception, you establish a space where you and your partner can be by yourselves but still visible to all of your guests. This table takes away the need to determine if you should sit with family or wedding party members, and it can add an extra decorative touch to your space. With that said, it does create new questions. How large and elaborately decorated should the sweetheart table be, and where should it be placed in your layout? While you want to give yourself a little room to be alone with your partner, you still want to be in view of your guests. You can be more elaborate with the decorations for this table, but be sure you do not interfere with your ability to sit and eat comfortably.

What A Couple Gains From Creating A Sweetheart Table

Your wedding is all about your union with your partner, but while the two of you are joining together, you will not have much time alone during your celebration. After all, your guests are on hand to congratulate you, share in your excitement, and help you enjoy your special evening. While a sweetheart table keeps you with your guests, it gives you a small amount of space from everyone where you and your partner can bask in the excitement of your new marriage. It also removes awkward questions about whether you should be at a table with family members of wedding party members when you create your seating chart.

Decorating Your Sweetheart Table

You want your sweetheart table to stand out from others, so it should, among other things, feature a more elaborate centerpiece. You can also change up the tablecloth, and even add a backdrop to frame it and create a photo-worthy place for you and your partner to enjoy your reception. With that said, be careful not to be too elaborate with what you put in place. While the look and style of this table matters, it still needs to give you room to enjoy food and drink!

Where Should We Place Our Sweetheart Table?

The sweetheart table is a space where guests are likely to come over and congratulate you, and a space that should be the focal point for people during dinner. In other words, you want it to be in a prominent and visible space, but not an area where crowds might create congestion. Set it apart, but make sure you are not to close to the dance floor, the food, or any other space where people are going to gather to do something besides share their well-wishes!

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