Who Should You Ask To Officiate Your Wedding?

Professional Photo By: Harper Blankenship

All eyes will be on the happy couple during the wedding ceremony, but the wedding officiant has the most active role during this portion of your evening. Once everyone is in place, they will be the one to seat the crowd, begin the actual ceremony, and oversee your union. While this is a significant role, it is also one that many couples feel is best suited for someone they are close to, rather than a professional. Would you be better off using a friend or family member in this position, or should you hire an officiant instead? The answer can depend on what kind of wedding you would like to host. While someone you are personally connected to can be more appropriate for a casual or nontraditional gathering, a more formal wedding can benefit from the presence of a professional.

Using A Friend Or Family Member As Your Officiant

One benefit to choosing a friend or family member to act as your officiant is that you will have someone close to one or both of you to speak about your relationship. While professionals often have considerable experience overseeing weddings, it will be difficult for them to express a closeness or familiarity like someone you know. If what you want is someone who can speak confidently about the two of you, and why you should be wed, this role can be better suited to someone you are closer to, especially if you want the ceremony to feel more personal than formal.

Hiring An Officiant For Your Celebration

By hiring a wedding officiant, you bring on someone with experience, which can be more advantageous than you initially expect. Their experience can come through during your wedding rehearsal, where they can help you make the most of your time preparing for the day itself. They will also be able to establish a more formal or official tone when you exchange vows. For more conservative couples, or those who want a more traditional experience, that authority can be worth more than the familiarity expressed by a friend or family member.

Your Officiant Helps Establish The Tone Of Your Wedding

Generally, the different pieces of your wedding should all contribute to your overall theme. A more polished and professional officiant may feel like an odd fit for a rustic, laid-back affair, while a friend or family member may have trouble fitting into your plans for a traditional wedding. While exceptions can be made – for instance, you might have a friend who is well-suited to a formal occasion – you should think seriously about how the person officiating your event does or does not fit the celebration.

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