Will We Have Time For First Look Photos Before The Ceremony?

Professional Photo By: Photos By Mkay

The hours that lead to your wedding can be filled with activity. You and your partner need to concentrate on dressing and looking your best, but you also want to make sure that decorations are in place, wedding vendors are arriving and can set up, and that beverages, the wedding cake, and other important consumables have arrived. In other words, a little extra time for something like first look photos may be difficult to find. With that said, you can ultimately benefit from taking them for several reasons. One is that it shortens the time between your ceremony and reception, which can keep spirits high throughout your evening. Another is that it captures the moment when the bridal gown is revealed while giving you a moment with your partner before your event officially begins!

Why Couples Choose To Take First Look Photos

One benefit to first look photos is that you save time during the wedding itself by taking pictures with your partner before everything begins. While some couples arrange a fun, breezy cocktail hour to help set aside more time for staged photos, many are eager to keep moving forward with their event. Removing the need for a cocktail hour can also save on food and beverage costs. Of course, the first look photos are more than just practical. By arranging them, you create a quiet moment with your partner just before everything starts, one where you can enjoy the reveal of the bridal gown and say a few words to each other before walking down the aisle.

Making The Most Of Your Pictures Together

To make the first look photos easier to arrange, make sure you, your partner, and your wedding photographer all know where the pictures should be taken, and at what time. Try to be ready with time to spare so that you can avoid problems with delays that can shorten your picture time or delay the start of your wedding. Texas Old Town offers many lovely backdrops, so take your time when searching out what spot you want to use. If you take bridal portraits or engagement photos with us, you can return to the spot where they were taken or choose a new landscape for your pictures together!

Other Staged Pictures You Should Take During Your Special Day

While you can be excited for your wedding reception to begin, make the most of your time between it and the ceremony to take photos with wedding party members and family members. Pictures with immediate and extended family can be worth holding onto yourself, and they can provide images those family members wish to frame and place in their homes. You can also take great pictures with the people in your wedding party that they and you are happy to retain.

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