Month: February 2021

Our Bridal Fair Event Is Happening This Sunday!

Texas Old Town is hosting a special Bridal Fair event this Sunday, which means we are giving engaged couples an opportunity to meet with a number of talented vendors who can help bring their special day to life! During this event, vendors who provide a wide range of wedding services will be on hand to… Read more »

When Should We Start Hiring Wedding Vendors?

How can you make sure your wedding vision is properly realized? As you work out the look and theme of your wedding, you will need to effectively convey your plans to vendors who are prepared to execute them. The right wedding vendors can both support and encourage your goals, and they can also address any… Read more »

3 Things You Can Do With Your Outdoor Wedding Setting

What makes outdoor wedding venues so attractive to so many couples? Having access to the beauty of nature can make your ceremony feel magical, and it can be a stunning backdrop for both rustic and formal gatherings. With that said, as you start to look into the benefits of planning an outdoor wedding, you can… Read more »

Come Check Out Our Bridal Fair Event This Sunday!

Texas Old Town is opening up this Sunday and welcoming couples to our special Bridal Fair event! We organize this event so that we can help couples in search of vendors meet with talented people in different relevant fields. You can meet professionals who are ready to help you bring your wedding vision to life,… Read more »

3 Things To Consider When Selecting Bridesmaid Dresses

When you begin to search for the right bridesmaid dresses, you may feel less than confident you know what makes a gown perfect for your event. You can also feel less certain of matters, such as whether you should select a single outfit for everyone or give your bridesmaids some degree of control over what… Read more »

How The Seasons Impact Wedding Plans And Themes

There are several factors that affect what a couple wants for a wedding date. Some want to make sure they have an appropriately long (but not too long) engagement period, while others have a meaningful date they want to save for their celebration. One important thing to think about is how the season in which… Read more »

What Decorations Should We Add To Our Ceremony Space?

With an outdoor wedding space, you can count be eager to show off your natural surroundings. Texas Old Town gives couples access to stunning Texas Hill Country landscapes, so you can look forward to having a gorgeous view for everyone who attends. While this can reduce the amount of work you need to put into… Read more »

Use Our Venue For Engagement Photos And Bridal Portraits!

The joyful memories you take from your wedding day can be with you for the rest of your life. With that said, you should have a professional wedding photographer on hand to help capture the magic of this event, as their work can help you hold onto some of your favorite moments and create great… Read more »

Starting To Plan A Wedding? Come To Our Bridal Fair Feb 28!

If you are beginning the process of planning your wedding, you can meet with great vendors, pick up exciting wedding ideas, and see our lovely venue settings in person at our upcoming Bridal Fair event! On Sunday, February 28, we are opening our doors to people who are engaged so that they can connect with… Read more »

How A Wedding Planner Helps You Celebrate In Style!

Many couples have a clear idea of what they want from their wedding day. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to turn that plan into reality, as you will have to find the right vendors, secure the right decorations, and determine how everything can be done without going over your budget. Professional wedding planners can make… Read more »