3 Decisions To Make About The End Of Your Reception

Professional Photo By: Sweetleaf Photography

It might nice to imagine that your wedding does not have to end, but even the events we most look forward to have to wrap up at some point. When you begin making plans for your wedding reception, you should think about how the night should come to a close. This is particularly important to plan in advance because you and your partner will typically not be the last to leave. Traditionally, you will have a special exit overseen by guests, who will then be the last ones to depart. In addition to planning out your goodbye, you should make plans for people to take care of matters like breaking down and taking away decorations, and for someone to hold your wedding registry gifts for you.

1. What Should You Do For Your Exit?

You can plan a fun and photo-friendly exit for your reception that lets you depart in style but still limit the mess left for someone to clean. You can use glowsticks, blow bubbles, or choose another visually exciting (and minimally messy) prop during your goodbye, making the experience fun and less frustrating for the people in your wedding party or hired help to clean. To complete the moment of your exit, consider hiring a limousine or luxury car to drive you home or to your hotel for the night. This is more than just a stylish way to say goodbye – it also ensures you have a safe ride at the end of a fun-filled night!

2. Who Will Help Tear Down And Remove Decorations?

Many couples have help from their family and wedding party to tear down their decorations and remove items that they own. For those pieces that someone will have to hold for you, make sure you know who will take them, and that you can pick up your supplies after your celebration. While it is common for people to pitch in and help break down decorations for the couple’s behalf, you may want to have immediate family or your best man and maid or matron of honor confirm that people are prepared to provide this support.

3. Who Takes Home Your Wedding Registry Gifts?

The wedding registry gifts should go home with a family member or close friend. If you plan to go on your honeymoon right after your wedding concludes, make sure that they are aware of this, and that they know when they can expect you to pick up these items. For those couples who do not go on a honeymoon right away, you should try to collect your items as soon as possible so that they do not take up space in someone’s home for longer than they have to!

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