3 Things To Consider When Selecting Bridesmaid Dresses

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When you begin to search for the right bridesmaid dresses, you may feel less than confident you know what makes a gown perfect for your event. You can also feel less certain of matters, such as whether you should select a single outfit for everyone or give your bridesmaids some degree of control over what they wear. There are a few things to keep in mind when you begin searching for your bridesmaid dresses. These gowns should meet the level of formality you want for your wedding event, and they should tie into the look of your ceremony and reception spaces. While it is still popular for many weddings, you do have the option to worry less about finding one dress, and instead selecting on a certain style, designer, and/or color that you want to be consistent.

1. You Do Not Have To Select One Specific Dress For All Of Your Bridesmaids

In the past, people assumed that all bridesmaids would have on the same attire at a wedding. This is something many brides have begun to forego, choosing instead to provide parameters for what dress bridesmaids should wear. While you can give your bridesmaids freedom when it comes to the style or designer of a dress, you should have a clear choice for their color. This can be an easy way to give everyone a unified look even when their gowns vary in other ways.

2. Choose A Dress Color From One Of Your Wedding Colors

You should start your search for bridesmaid dresses after you make some important decisions regarding your wedding. You should have your own bridal gown picked out, as you will want to pick a dress for your wedding party members that feels appropriate, and you should know what your wedding colors and wedding theme will be. Choosing one of your wedding colors will help you keep a consistent look for your event, and it will help their attire feel appropriate even if there is some variety in dress styles.

3. Make Sure Your Bridesmaids Have Time For Alterations

While you should not rush your decision on what everyone should wear at your wedding, you should make sure the members of your wedding party have time for alterations. Assume that all of your bridesmaids will need to go through at least one alteration to have the right look. Typically, bridesmaids have six to eight months to make purchases and correct their fits.

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