Common Questions Couples Have About The Wedding Cake

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Couples are free to choose from a variety of different cuisine types when they choose their reception meals. They can go with something formal or casual, decide on a serving style that feels appropriate, and create a dining experience that feels just right for their wedding celebration. However, when people think about what to serve for dessert at their reception, they frequently envision a tiered white cake, typically one that sports decorative flourishes made with icing. While you may be content with a traditional cake, you can still have questions about when you should order yours, how it should be decorated, and how much control you have over other dessert options. As you find answers to these questions, you can take steps to provide your guests with a lovely evening-ending dessert experience!

How Much Time Do We Have To Pick A Cake?

Your bakery will need plenty of advance notice to provide your wedding cake. Many will take reservations far in advance, so you should plan to have an order in at least six months before your special day. If you want to visit multiple shops and take your time before making your choice, pad your time even more so that you have space to think about which bakery impressed you most, and which one feels like the right choice.

How Should We Display The Wedding Cake?

Your wedding cake will be the prominent feature of your dessert table, and you should have plenty of room around it so that you can easily cut your first slice (and be photographed while you do so) and begin passing out pieces. A longer dessert table helps you because you have more room to lay out your plates for guests to take, or for servers to pick up and distribute. You should have a nice table covering, and you can further dress up this table with trim and even decorative pieces to help it fit in with your reception area.

Can We Serve More Than Just Our Wedding Cake For Dessert?

Many couples choose to have a groom’s cake along with their wedding cake, because it lets them show off more of the groom’s personality and because it gives people a second flavor to enjoy. If you want to do even more for dessert, feel free to put out smaller treats like pastries, cupcakes, cookies, and more – your guests, especially your youngest attendees, will likely enjoy access to more sweets!

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