How Long Should Our Wedding Ceremony Last?

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The wedding ceremony is certainly a memorable part of your wedding – for you and your partner, and for your guests – but it can be a relatively short part of your event. While your reception hosts people for drinks, dining, and dancing, the ceremony is all about the two of you exchanging vows and being formally wed. With that said, your ceremony is not something to rush, and you can take time for meaningful moments, particularly if you have traditions that you are excited to share. If you plan to recite your own vows, or if you choose a friend or family member as an officiant instead of a professional, remember that you can share meaningful words even when you keep them relatively brief.

You Can Make Changes To Some Aspects Of The Ceremony

There are some aspects of a wedding ceremony that need to happen for the event to make sense and feel complete. For example, guests will be more than a little surprised if you forgo your first kiss, or never actually say “I do” while you are at the altar! However, you can cut or move certain moments around the ceremony if they do not hold significance for you.

Determining The Right Length For Personalized Vows

If you are reciting your own vows, be careful not to write too much. Giving yourself something longer to recite can be awkward, even though you are not expected to memorize it. Editing and revising will also help you pare down what you want to say to your strongest and deepest feelings. Couples often spend roughly a minute on their vows, though you can take a little more time if you absolutely cannot reduce what you have to say any further! To make sure you and your partner have the same vision for your vows, you can discuss what you intend to say, though you should keep the vows themselves a secret until your wedding.

First Look Photos Can Shorten The Time Between Your Ceremony And Reception

If you worry about your ceremony running long, you can cut down on the time you need for staged photos after it ends by scheduling first look photos. This photo session takes place before the ceremony starts, which means you and your partner will need to be ready earlier than you may have anticipated, but it can free up more time during the event itself. A shorter time between ceremony and reception can give you more padding for a longer ceremony, and it ensures guests will not grow restless while they wait for the next part of your evening to begin!

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