How Your Wedding Theme Should Guide Your Choices

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In the course of planning your wedding, you will have to make many choices regarding decorations, food and drink, color schemes, wedding party attire, and more. Having a clear wedding theme will help you with this, as it will center your choices around a specific style, tradition, or color(s) that best captures what you want your celebration to be. You should choose your wedding theme early in your planning efforts. It will help you understand what you should do with your venue, what kind of decorations you should look for, and how you can showcase your personality and interests through your event!

When Should We Determine Our Wedding Theme?

The wedding theme should be decided on early in your planning efforts. After all, it will effect the tone of your event, what color of colors you showcase, how formal you want to be, and more! Without a theme in mind, you can have less clarity when it comes to creating a unified look and feel for your celebration. When you check out our different venues, you can picture how a particular theme might be represented, or you can use your visit to consider how your different theme options might suit you best in your space.

Your Theme Can Help Dictate The Formality Of Your Gathering

It is important to settle on how formal your wedding will be as soon as possible. This can often help you determine if a theme is truly right for you. If you are someone who likes more rustic, relaxed affairs and prefers less formality in their gatherings, think about what themes would work best in this atmosphere. However, if you want to have a more formal and traditional celebration, you should look at how a theme can project the elegance and classic style you wish to pursue.

How Your Theme Influences Attire Choices

When you send your wedding invitations, you can include a line about what attire you recommend your guests wear to fit in with your gathering. While most people at your celebration have the final say in what they wear, you will have more control over what your wedding party members wear, and over what you and your partner decide to don on your special day. Your theme should definitely influence what everyone has on at the altar. You can prominently feature a wedding color by selecting it for your bridesmaid dresses, and you can fit at least one color into the clothes worn by your groomsmen.

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