What Decorations Should We Add To Our Ceremony Space?

Professional Photo By: Hannah Catherine Photography

With an outdoor wedding space, you can count be eager to show off your natural surroundings. Texas Old Town gives couples access to stunning Texas Hill Country landscapes, so you can look forward to having a gorgeous view for everyone who attends. While this can reduce the amount of work you need to put into decorating the ceremony area, you can benefit from having some pieces in place to help personalize this space. Your decorations will help you establish your wedding theme, and they give you the means to introduce your chosen wedding colors to your setting.

The Right Pieces Can Help You Make Your Wedding Theme Clear

Once you choose your wedding theme, you can have an easier time figuring out the specific look of your event, and how you can create the right environment and mood for your celebration. Your guests’ first hints at your theme and level of formality can come from the wedding invitations that you send out. You should make sure to follow through with it when you decide on the look of your ceremony space. While you can be conservative with how much decorating you do, be consistent with your approach, and make you have items in place that help your event stand out.

Decorating An Outdoor Ceremony Space

Our different venue spaces provide stunning backdrops for couples to show off during their ceremonies. While you can safely assume that people will admire your natural surroundings, the right decorative pieces can still stand out. You can use your decorations to create borders around your aisle, your altar space, and even to create a “doorway” into the seating area. You can also set up decorations behind you when you stand at the altar, but you may want to keep these simple so that more of your natural background is visible.

Finding Ways To Showcase Your Wedding Colors

Your floral arrangements give you opportunities to showcase your wedding colors in ways that feel natural, and they can beautifully compliment your natural surroundings. Flowers can be worked into more spaces than you might expect – for example, some couples set up small arrangements on chair ends to frame their aisle. Of course, you should remember that the wedding party members, along with you and your partner, bring flowers and color into your space thanks to your bouquets and boutonnieres!

Create A Beautiful Wedding Ceremony At Texas Old Town!

Texas Old Town gives couples the opportunity to celebrate their love and commit to each other while surrounded by stunning Texas Hill Country landscapes! In addition to providing beautiful outdoor settings, we provide accommodating amenities and spacious indoor areas for receptions. To learn more, please call our Kyle, TX venue today at 512.396.1800 or fill out our online contact form!