When Should We Start Hiring Wedding Vendors?

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How can you make sure your wedding vision is properly realized? As you work out the look and theme of your wedding, you will need to effectively convey your plans to vendors who are prepared to execute them. The right wedding vendors can both support and encourage your goals, and they can also address any questions you might have. Texas Old Town provides a list of vendors who have provided terrific support to guests at our venue. You can also meet with great people when you come to our Bridal Fair event happening this Sunday, February 28! The Bridal Fair will give couples the opportunity to meet with many talented people and learn about exciting deals! This is also a great opportunity to look at all four of our venue spaces and see how they can support your celebration!

The Importance Of Finding The Right People

Your wedding can reflect your tastes and sense of style in the theme and level of formality you pursue. Of course, for those themes to come across effectively, you need to find vendors who understand your vision and can confidently replicate it. Take time when you start to search for vendors to look at past work they may have done, and read up about the feedback others have given. Doing some early research before you start making calls can reduce the number of people you feel you need to contact, and it can help you understand how different professionals can support your wedding goals.

When Should We Start To Secure Wedding Services?

So when should you actually start to work with different wedding vendors? Contacting people with plenty of advance notice does more than just give them the time they need to take care of your event. Popular vendors tend to have busy schedules, especially when you plan a wedding at a more popular time. You can secure the services of a planner and set your venue up to a year before your special day. Not long after, you should begin to meet with wedding photographers and videographers, florists, and caterers. Your search for a wedding cake, stylists, and officiant can be secured at around the time you are searching for your bridal gown. While you can wait a little longer to pick out bridesmaid dresses and men’s attire, you should still aim to make these selections many months in advance.

Find Great Vendors At Our Upcoming Bridal Fair Event!

Texas Old Town’s Bridal Fair event, happening Sunday, February 28, is a great opportunity to meet with different vendors and hear what they can do for your event! In addition to giving couples the opportunity to meet with vendors, we are providing opportunities to hear about great deals on services, and we are opening up our four venue spaces for tours.

Plan An Amazing Wedding Event At Texas Old Town!

With the right vendors supporting them, couples can create magical and wonderful Austin wedding experiences at Texas Old Town! To find out more about us, or to learn more about our upcoming Bridal Fair event, please fill out our online contact form or call our Kyle, TX venue today at 512.396.1800!