3 Things To Greet Your Guests With Before The Ceremony

Professional Photo By: Tolman Media

You and your partner will be busy preparing yourselves for the start of your wedding ceremony. While your guests understand this and can expect you to be out of sight when they arrive, you should still have some measures in place to properly greet them. As you work on the plans for your ceremony, take some time to think about how you can make sure everyone is warmly received. The ushers you select for your wedding will help with this. In addition to bringing guests to their seats, they will be able to answer questions, run messages to the wedding party, and generally give people a warm welcome before your event officially starts.

1. Have Your Ushers Ready To Greet And Lead Your Guests

The ushers serve an important role before your wedding ceremony begins. While many couples choose not to separate their guests by “sides,” it is still customary for ushers to bring people to their seats. This is an appreciated gesture, particularly for more formal wedding events, and it can ensure that only family members end up in their designated seats. Ushers are also there to answer questions that guests may have, and to direct people to the guest book, the gift table, and other important areas.

2. Make Sure Your Guest Book Is Ready For People To Sign

Your wedding guest book gives you a record of who was on hand for your special day. Couples can choose traditional guest books, or they can do something less conventional. For example, some couples use instant-film cameras to create a visual guest record. Of course, no matter what type of book you lay out, it will only be used when people see it! Make sure that your book is out, and that it is easy for people to see when they arrive.

3. Refreshments Can Be A Welcome Addition To Your Outdoor Ceremony

For outdoor wedding ceremonies in particular, refreshments before the ceremony can be welcome. This can be especially true in summer or winter weddings where the weather might be less comfortable. For warmer wedding events, water, lemonade, and other cooling drink options can be popular. You can delight and impress guests at a winter wedding by providing cocoa, coffee, or warm cider to keep them warm.

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