Are You Really Ready To Finalize Your Guest List?

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Choosing who you will invite to your wedding can be difficult, particularly if you want to keep your gathering on the small side. You and your partner will have plenty of people you wish to invite, and you can also have people your parents want to include. There are several things you should consider before you commit to a “final” list of people to invite. Beyond simply reviewing the list to confirm that everyone you wish to invite is on your list, think about how many people should have plus-ones, and whether you should let guests bring their kids. You should also make sure you are prepared for everyone on your list to attend. While this is not likely, it is something you should be ready to accommodate.

Committing To Your Guest List Can Be Tricky

Texas Old Town has different venues that can accommodate different guest turnouts. With that said, we know that a wedding of any size can present challenges as you try to finalize your guest list. Your immediate concern can be whether you have left anyone off, or what to do if you simply have more people you wish to invite than open spaces. It can also be awkward fielding your parents’ requests to welcome certain people they are close to at your wedding. Give yourself time to review your list, and potentially make edits, before you send invitations. You should also give yourself more time with this task to make sure you have everyone’s contact information.

How Plus-Ones And Welcoming Guests’ Kids Affect Your Invite List

One benefit to an adults-only wedding is that you limit the number of guests who will come from households. If you see a wedding as a gathering where families should be welcome, factor the number of kids guests have into how many people you can accommodate. When it comes to plus-ones, have a clear rule for who should or should not have one if you cannot extend them to all unattached guests.

Be Prepared To Host Everyone You Invite To Your Wedding

You can safely assume that some of your invited guests will decline your request for their attendance. However, you should not take this as proof that you can safely invite more people than you can actually host! The choice to invite more people you can actually accommodate will leave you vulnerable to a turnout that you cannot accommodate. As you can imagine, this can make the rest of your planning efforts difficult to manage!

Welcome Guests To A Beautiful Texas Old Town Wedding!

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