Choosing Your Wedding Officiant For Your Ceremony

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Your officiant for your wedding ceremony sets the tone for your gathering, and ensures that everything proceeds properly. While hired officiants remain popular, this is a role that many couples fill with a close friend or family member. You should give your choice to hire someone or ask someone in your life serious thought. A professional brings experience to the role, which means they can offer guidance and take control if something unexpected happens during the event. However, someone you are personally connected to will be able to speak about you, your partner, and your relationship in a more meaningful and familiar way.

How Your Officiant Manages Your Wedding Ceremony

Your officiant is the person who moves your wedding ceremony through its different steps. In addition to offering this service, they share their thoughts on marriage, and on your relationship, in ways that help celebrate and convey your event theme. A good officiant can honor the occasion while also making it clear to people why your union with your partner is special. While both professionals and personal friends are capable of sharing these messages, they can deliver them in different ways. As you think about what you want your event to be, think about who is more likely to respond to your vision.

Should You Hire Someone To Officiate, Or Ask A Friend Or Family Member?

A formal wedding, one with more roots in tradition, can be better served by a professional officiant. Even if you are not planning a religious service, you can find that a hired officiant brings a sense of experience and seriousness that help you maintain the right tone. If you want to host a more relaxed or “fun” wedding, a friend or family member can provide a more familiar and warm tone to the event. Because this is a prominent position, it will typically go to someone you both feel close to. Of course, it is important to pick someone who is prepared to speak in public!

Sharing Relationship Details Helps Your Officiant Personalize What They Say At Your Ceremony

No matter who you hire to officiate your event, you should take time to speak with them about both your plans for the wedding, and the reasons you and your partner are excited to be wed. This information provides a better sense of who you are, and it helps cement their understanding of what you want from them. If you are working with someone you feel close to, you should still take time for a formal discussion. Assuming they know what you want from them can lead to some unwelcome surprises at the ceremony!

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