Finding Answers To Difficult Seating Chart Questions

Professional Photo By: Hannah Catherine Photography

Why is it so common for couples to create seating charts for their wedding receptions? Under many circumstances, seating charts provide many benefits. They can prevent delays in starting your reception, they ensure there is space for everyone, and they can help you group people who are likely to enjoy each other’s company. With that said, creating a seating chart can pose certain challenges that you may have to work around. While this can lead to frustration, remember that many people have encountered similar struggles, and that there is not a single “right” way to create your chart. Because Texas Old Town offers multiple venue options, we can recommend a space for larger and smaller ceremonies and receptions.

Where Should We Place Single People?

While many people you invite will be invited along with their partners, you can have several guests who attend alone, even when they have an option to take a plus-one. Because your seating chart is only made after you have your RSVPs, you will know who does and does not have someone with them. While some couples opt to create a table where singles can mingle, you can unintentionally make these guests feel “singled” out! Mixing unattached guests and couples can work well as long as you think about who different people might connect with.

Where Do Family Members And Wedding Party Members Go?

There are different strategies couples employ to seat the people closest to them. You can elect to create a banquet-style table for yourselves and your wedding party members, or you can join your immediate families at a table group. For couples who intend to seat themselves separately, you can keep family groups together and mix wedding party members in at tables close to where you are located.

Where Should My Partner And I Sit?

Where do you and your partner belong in your seating chart? Several factors can affect your decision, but ultimately what you should think about is what will make you and your partner happiest. Many couples choose to enjoy a sweetheart table, which only hosts the happy couple. Depending on the overall layout of your tables, you can also choose to set up a banquet table at the front with your wedding party, or simply join one of the tables you set up with your family members.

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