How Important Is Your Choice Of Wedding Colors?

Professional Photo By: Sarah E Photography

There are certain early decisions to make regarding your wedding that will impact many of your choices at a later time. One important early choice is what colors to showcase at your event. The right colors will help you convey your theme and tone, it will determine what decorations you want, and it will narrow your choices for what your wedding party should wear. Because of this, you should try to select your colors early. Selecting your colors and your wedding theme at around the same time will help you capture a real vision for your celebration, something that makes later choices easier.

The Colors You Showcase Can Impact The Overall Look And Feel Of Your Event

While this is not always the case, many couples can build their wedding theme around their chosen colors. Even if you do not pursue this style choice, your selected colors will be prominent throughout your ceremony and reception, which makes them important for creating a sense of unity for the halves of your celebration. There are many sources of inspiration you can draw from when you make your selection. While there is not technically a limit on the number of colors you can use, a narrow series of choices helps with consistency, and can make your planning efforts easier.

Different Sources Of Inspiration For Your Wedding Colors

When you look at Texas Old Town’s outdoor wedding venue spaces, you can be inspired to let nature and the season of your event inspire your color choices. Many people look for colors that compliment the season, particularly those who have long been interested in tying their gathering to a certain time of year. Of course, there are other sources for inspiration. If you want to host an elegant, formal affair, you can feel drawn to more muted and cool tones. If you want your wedding to be bold, bright, and fun, you can look at sunnier, stronger colors.

Finding Opportunities To Showcase Wedding Colors

Your wedding colors will show up in more than just your decorations. Your choice for what your bridesmaids and groomsmen wear should be influenced by your palette; your floral arrangements, boutonnieres, and bouquets should, too. Your wedding invitations and save-the-date cards will also give guests a preview of how your celebration will look.

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