How Should We Announce Our Engagement?

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There will be many important tasks to complete in the time between your proposal and walking down the aisle for your wedding. With that said, one of the first tasks you face can be one of the most fun – you need to let people know you are engaged! Thanks to social media, couples now have an easy way to quickly and widely announce their happy news. However, you should not simply make a public statement and move on. Your family members and close friends can feel hurt by the choice to share this milestone publicly before talking to them. With that said, you do not have to wait too long to make your announcement, though be prepared for people to inquire about wedding details soon after you do!

Sharing The Happy News With The People You Feel Closest To

Whether your engagement is surprising or long expected, the people closest to you can be eager to hear about your plans to wed. While this is a significant moment and an important announcement, you can share it informally. If possible, you can arrange to see family members and close friends to let them know about your new relationship status, but if this is not easily arranged you can give them a call.

When Should We Make Our Engagement Public?

Once you let the closest people in your life know about your intentions, you can start to share the news publicly. While you can turn to social media for this, there are a few things to keep in mind. One is that people, especially those who hold more traditional values, can appreciate formal mailed announcements to the more impersonal approach. If you wish, you can use your engagement photos in both your social media post and your formal announcements. You should also be ready for people to ask questions that concern the specifics of your wedding, many of which may still need to be set.

What To Do When You Begin Planning Your Wedding

Even if you have the desire to host a small and informal wedding, you should be prepared to take on many important tasks, and to give yourself plenty of time to address them. After you become engaged, you should focus on some of the more significant choices ahead of you. These include finding a wedding venue, selecting a date for the event, and what theme or style you want to build your event around. You should know that Texas Old Town has four different venues that showcase our lovely Texas Hill Country surroundings, which means we are able to provide exciting options for couples interested in larger and smaller gatherings.

Texas Old Town Can Help You Plan A Fantastic Wedding Event!

Texas Old Town is ready to help recently-engaged couples celebrate their love with a gorgeous Austin wedding event! If you wish to learn more, please fill out our online contact form or call our Kyle, TX venue today at 512.396.1800!