How Should We Use Our Wedding Website?

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From the moment you share the news of your engagement, you can have friends and family members excited for the details of your wedding. Of course, it would be difficult to keep up with all of those questions while also trying to plan your wedding! Fortunately, you can use a wedding website to share information and updates, and to say more about your upcoming event than you can fit into your invitations. While wedding websites are not mandatory, there are certain uses for them you can find appealing. In addition to conveying information before your wedding, they can also serve as a way to share images and video from the wedding for invitees who were unable to attend.

Why Many Couples Choose To Create A Wedding Website

Even a relatively small wedding will take serious time and energy to plan. On top of making arrangements like hiring vendors, choosing your entertainment for the evening, and selecting decorations, you can find yourself fielding questions from guests about the event. One practical benefit of your wedding website is that it serves as a place to broadcast information. When these questions are conveniently answered, you can focus more on planning and preparing. With that said, the website is also a a fun way to share your engagement photos, and to write about why you are excited to wed your partner.

What Information Should We Share On Our Site?

In addition to including the details you plan to put on your wedding invitations regarding the place, date, and time of your event, you can share information typically left out of invites. That means sharing the details of your wedding registry, but it also means sharing more about your relationship and hopes for the future. For guests who are traveling from out of town, you can provide details about lodging and nearby restaurants. Of course, not everything about the website should be detail-oriented. This is also a great way to share engagement photos, proposal pictures, and any other images that you feel tell your story as a couple well.

Your Website Should Not Be Your Only Form Of Communication With Guests!

No matter how detailed it is, your wedding website should not be your only means of communication beyond wedding invitations and save the date cards! Remember that some guests are less likely to turn to the internet when they have a question. One thing you can do to make communication easier is provide wedding party members and immediate family members with information so that they can answer on your behalf when friends and other relatives have questions.

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