How To Create Wedding Magic During Your First Dance

Professional Photo By: Hannah Catherine Photography

The first dance tends to be one of the first events during a wedding reception. It can take place soon after your guests find their seats, or it can wait until after dinner is served (but before the dance floor officially opens). Your time together on the dance floor can be a fun and lovely moment, one that is sure to produce many lovely pictures. It can be a more traditional and conservative moment, or it can be a chance for you to dazzle the crowd with fun and surprising moves. No matter how elaborate you want to be with your dance, you should put time and effort into preparing it. Even if you keep this moment simple, your efforts at rehearsal can help you remain calm and comfortable while your guests’ eyes are on you.

Make Sure You Select Just The Right Song For Your Dance

While many couples have a particular song that they love and associate with their relationship, many others do not. Do not worry if you and your partner have trouble pointing out “the” song that defines your relationship. If no obvious choice exists, be patient and talk out why you might select certain pieces. Even if you became engaged without a song that you bond over, your joint effort to find something meaningful can give you one that reminds you of your bond in the years after your wedding.

Take The Time To Practice (Even If You Want To Keep Things Simple)

Practicing makes sense for a couple who want to show off elaborate moves, or for those who intend to put a fun and unexpected twist on the first dance. What you should know is that even if you want to keep things conservative and simple, you should set aside time to practice before your big day! One thing to think about is how your wedding attire might affect your movement. While dressing in a bridal gown or tuxedo may be…somewhat impractical for a rehearsal, dressing in something that limits movement can help you prepare for the real dance. Repeated practice can also make you less likely to feel a fit of self-consciousness while you enjoy your first dance.

Remember That The First Dance Is About Your Relationship, Not Your Skill

You should not feel as though your first dance has to impress your guests. Simply put, this is a moment where you join your partner and feel close to them, not one where you have to delight and surprise people. Choose a song and dance routine that fits your relationship and comfort level, and look forward to a lovely moment together.

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