Picking Wedding Attire That Fits Your Theme

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What should you wear to your wedding? Couples should put time and effort into the search for their ideal attire. Brides should begin their search for a gown many months in advance of their date, as these dresses tend to require at least one alteration. While there are several factors that influence what you “should” wear on your special day, you should give special consideration to what clothing options best fit your wedding theme. You and your partner, as well as your wedding party members, should wear attire that reflects the type of event you are hosting. This means more than just dressing as formally or informally as you want your wedding to be. You should also think about your wedding colors, your decorative inspirations, and other factors that serve to personalize your gathering.

Your Wedding Theme Should Guide Many Important Choices

It is important that you choose your wedding theme early in planning, as it shapes many choices you will make over the course of your engagement period. Your theme can influence how modern or vintage your decorations should be, how formal your event is, and even how you select and display your wedding colors. No matter how general or specific your theme might be, you should take care to reference it in all of your choices about your event. That includes choices for what you, your partner, and your wedding party members will wear.

Selecting Attire For The Happy Couple

You and your partner should feel like a matched pair. This can feel like a challenge at first, particularly since brides tend to withhold what they have selected until the day itself. Because both of you are working with the same theme, you should have the same guiding principle for what clothing options are worth your consideration. When you know your theme and feel comfortable articulating it, you can have an easier time requesting suits or gowns that will be appropriate for your event.

Choosing What The Bridesmaids And Groomsmen Wear

What attire choices should you make for your bridesmaids and groomsmen? Typically, bridesmaid dresses will be as formal as the event itself, though less eye-catching or formal than the bridal gown. You can let bridesmaids show some variety in their dresses, but they should match on style and color. Groomsmen should have attire that matches what the groom wears, though the groom can stand apart by changing the color of their jacket, neckwear, or other piece of attire.

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