Planning The Dining Experience At Your Wedding Reception

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Your wedding reception is about more than just the meal you serve your guests. However, that meal is certainly an important part of the evening! Providing food and refreshments is part of hosting, but it also shows gratitude to your friends and family members who came to support your commitment to your partner. This second part of your wedding should feel like a natural continuation from your ceremony. In other words, you should strive to maintain the same theme and level of formality between both halves of your celebration. While you can make a wide array of choices regarding your food and serving style, make sure the meal feels as formal and inviting as the ceremony you plan to host.

Your Meal Should Match The Formality Of Your Ceremony

Consistency is important throughout your event. The level of formality you want for your ceremony should extend to your reception, which includes your choice of meal. As you look into different vendors who can provide a meal you want, be clear about what you expect your overall event to look and feel like. That can give them a better sense of what courses and sides might best fit your evening. Remember that you need to think about how you serve your meals as well as what you serve. Plated meals can be more formal, while a buffet or family-style serving option can be appreciated at a more relaxed gathering.

Start Your Search For Caterers Early!

You should not be surprised to learn that a popular caterer tends to have limited availability. When you begin your wedding planning, you need to start your search for important vendors early. This does more than just give people time to prepare for your event – it also ensures that they will have your chosen wedding date free! If you are planning a wedding with a shorter engagement period, you can improve your chances of finding someone by selecting a Friday or Sunday wedding date, or by looking outside the spring or summer season for a date.

Providing Drinks, Desserts, And Other Refreshments

You should make sure your dessert options, refreshments, and any appetizers also fit with your overall event! You can style your wedding cake to fit in with the look of your reception. After all, a tiered cake is practically a decoration in and of itself! Be selective about your drink offerings, as too many options can lead to longer lines at the bar while people deliberate over what they want.

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