Planning Your Departure From Your Wedding Reception

Professional Photo By: Sweetleaf Photography

Your wedding can be a magical and unforgettable experience, but (unfortunately) it has to end sometime. Traditionally, the happy couple will depart in a grand and stylish fashion, which lets the guests know that the reception is coming to an end. To give your exit a more exciting look and feel, you can have guests use safe and easy-to-clean props like glow sticks, bubbles, and other options. You can also make your departure more impressive by arranging a luxury ride service to take you away from the venue. To make sure everything is properly broken down and removed after you leave, you can ask wedding party members and family members to oversee important tasks at the end of the evening.

Arranging A Stylish End To Your Night

The exit of the happy couple creates one of the more exciting and visually appealing moments of the reception. With the addition of special props for your guests to throw or wave, you can create a beautiful moment that your wedding photographer can capture. While the visual appeal of this exit matters, what you should also take care to do is simply take the moment in for yourself. After all, this is your last chance to take in the love and support shown by those in attendance, and to savor your happiness over your successful wedding experience!

Announcing Your Exit To Your Guests

Your wedding planner can take charge when it comes to letting your guests know you are about to depart. They can ask your wedding DJ or live band to announce the impending closure of bar service, and they can let people know to gather and take up whatever items you are using to make your departure look and feel more magical.

What Happens After You And Your Partner Leave The Reception?

Once you and your partner leave the venue, you put the wedding behind you. However, there are several matters that will still have to be addressed. Who will take possession of the gifts provided by your guests? Who will take up any remaining bottles of alcohol, or make sure all of your decorations are appropriately broken down and removed? Typically, these responsibilities are divided among the wedding party members and immediate family, who can hold your items for you. If you plan to leave for your honeymoon the day after your wedding, make sure you ask someone to hold items who can comfortably make space for them in their home.

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